Many people seeking relief from back pain choose chiropractic treatment over alternative pain treatments. Back pain has many causes such as auto accidents, muscle strains, poor posture and sports injuries. Back pain can also cause pain in the arms, legs, neck, and cause headaches. Chiropractors are very helpful when it comes to back pain. They treat the condition causing pain rather than just prescribe over the counter pain medications. A chiropractor can help a patient achieve relief from chronic back pain using safe spinal manipulation and adjustments while encouraging positive lifestyle changes to aid in the relief of back pain.

A chiropractor will first take a medical history from the patient, and then perform a physical evaluation. They my also use lab test or a form of diagnostic imaging to find the appropriate treatment to alleviate the patients back pain. A chiropractor will create a plan that will involve one or more manual adjustments, using a controlled swift force to improve the quality and range of motion along with nutritional counselling and rehabilitation. Your chiropractors main goal is to restore the function and prevent further injury in addition to relieving your back pain.

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