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Five Things You Didn’t Know Proactive Chiropractic Could Help You With

A popular opinion: Chiropractors can help relieve neck and back pain – and nothing else. A counteractive fact: They are great for neck and back pain BUT that’s not all they can do. While proactive chiropractic mainly focuses on treating disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems – and their effect on the entire body, […]

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Proactive Spine Alignment Health

Back pain can occur due to several reasons, predominantly because of excessive sedentary position leading to poor posture. Whether you’re experiencing spinal stenosis, sore muscles or herniated disc, you should consult a Proactive Chiropractic expert who can diagnose the problem and help you cure it. However, while you are still dealing with back pain, there […]

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3 Common Causes of Hamstring Tightness

Muscle pain and stiffness in the body happens to many people. It doesn’t matter whether you have a sedentary lifestyle or you exercise regularly– your hamstring muscles can start to feel tight. Depending on the cause, the severity of the pain can also differ. You can experience mild pain, a dull ache or even a […]

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