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Does Health Insurance Cover Visits to the Chiropractor?

Chiropractor covered by insuranceThere was a time when chiropractic services were not covered under healthcare insurance policies. Since it is a not considered a true form of medicine but rather a substitute like acupuncture, many health insurance plans do not cover it.

A customized health insurance plan with a high premium is what you need if you are looking for chiropractic care. So to answer the question: yes, chiropractor is covered by health insurance. However, this plan will only include basic care. You will find this service in most of the insurance plans including workers’ compensation, Medicaid and Medicare plans, federal employee plans, and a few major medical plans.

There are levels of coverage. For example, does the plan covers a consultation or exams and X-Rays? How many number of visits are you allowed? What kind of treatment can you get?

  • Medicare only pays for basic care such as treatment of the nervous system and spine.
  • It does not cover initial physical therapy, physical exam, vitamins and supplements, orthopedic devices, X-Rays, and evaluation services.
  • As for Medicaid, chiropractic care is provided to the insurance policy holders, but there are certain restrictions such as limited services are covered and only by someone who is licensed in the field. Moreover, the treatment should only be done through manual manipulation.

Getting Hurt on a Job

As mentioned earlier, workers’ compensation covers chiropractic care. If you are injured on a job, you can get chiropractic care from a list of chiropractors recommended by your firm.

Here’s how you can get the treatment started:

  • Call your insurance representative and ask him/her about whether chiropractic care is covered under the health insurance policy or not.
  • Make sure that the chiropractor you are about to see is on the list.
  • Having a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan limits your reach. You can only see a chiropractor that has been approved by the organization.
  • Having a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan gives you freedom and allows you to see any chiropractor.
  • If your insurance company shows reluctance in covering the chiropractic care, then get a prescription from a doctor that states you need this service.
  • If a car accident was caused by the other party, then you need to make sure that their health insurance care covers chiropractic service.

As you can see, chiropractors are covered by insurance but before purchasing a policy, you need find out what type of care the plan includes. This could help you save hundreds of dollars on a hospital visit. However, it is still advised that after an accident, people should first seek medical help and then visit a chiropractor. Even though this alternative form of medicine is quite helpful in relieving pain in a matter of few hours, strong pressure on the wrong body part can make the problem worse.

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