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Cold Laser Therapy Treatment and It’s Effectivness

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses cold laser light waves. The light waves are absorbed by the damaged tissue. The goal of the procedure is to repair tissues through regeneration. The treatment is quick, painless, does not cause vibration and does not produce heat.

While there are many professionals that are using this type of therapy, cold laser devices have received mixed reviews with respect to their effectiveness.

Cold Laser Therapy Treatment Effectiveness

According to Berkeley University of California, the device may or may not be the appropriate treatment. They point out that there are quite a few cold laser devices for sales that have been approved by the FDA. However, just because the FDA approved them safe, it does not mean that they are effective. Though, we have experienced amazing results here at our clinic – here are the benefits of cold laser therapy we’ve found to be true.

Berkeley points out that the studies of the effectiveness of the device have not gone on long enough to form undisputed proof that they are effective. The effectiveness of cold laser also depends on how it is being used, who is delivering the treatment and for what type of ailment.

The article further points out that the therapy may only relieve certain types of pain and may not address the underlying issue. They suggest using this type of therapy in conjunction with a health professional and avoid home devices.

Many resources have a differing opinion and feel that cold laser can be very effective in treating several types of injuries. If you are considering cold laser, this treatment is being used by many health professionals.

Physical therapists and Chiropractors use cold laser for the treatment of sprains and minor injuries. In addition to reducing swelling and aid in the healing of joints, cold laser therapy can help with muscle and ligament strains, bursitis, tennis elbow, lower back, knee and neck pain

Chronic or acute pain may reap the benefits of cold laser treatment. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia may find some relief with this type of treatment. Cold laser can also be used to reduce inflammation that is caused by autoimmune diseases, and ulcerations.

Cold therapy is being used by dermatologists to treat and could encourage skin rejuvenation, for psoriasis, edema, rashes, acne and even burns.

Additionally, cold laser is being used to treat wounds that have resisted other treatments. It has even been used as a replacement for acupuncture for those that are uncomfortable with needles.

All of this does sound very appealing, however, there are a few drawbacks that need to be considered.

Cold therapy does not give complete relief with one treatment. Depending on the condition you may have to return for additional treatments 8 to 30 times.

Cold therapy treatment should not be used for any suspected cancerous lesions, on the thyroid or directly into the eye. If you are pregnant, this type of therapy should be avoided since the effect on the fetus is unknown.

The effectiveness of cold therapy is still being researched. But, many feel that it is an option for those that do not want surgery or use medications to address the problem. Give us a call, we will be glad to help you on your journey towards healing and finding the best treatment for you.