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How Interferential Current Therapy Can Help You

When you visit a physical therapist for muscular pain, they may suggest electrical stimulation treatment. These treatments effectively reduce chronic pain and improve your physical health.

Back in the day, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) method was commonly used for the treatment, but now IFC, or interferential current therapy, has surpassed it in popularity.

What is Interferential Current Therapy?

IFC is an effective treatment method that reduces pain and provides relief to patients. It sends a small amount of current to tissues around the injured part of your body via the skin. It’s a completely safe treatment method that promotes healing.

During this treatment, electrode pads are attached to the injured area. A consistent current supply addresses end plate hyperactivity and controls pain. It speeds up healing and also reduces stress. Patients tend to feel more relaxed after the treatment sessions.

Unlike other electrical stimulation techniques, it’s a less painful method. The electrical current reaches the tissues without causing discomfort to patients. However, you may get slight tingling sensations during therapy.

IFC helps you overcome severe pain, but keep in mind that your brain can develop tolerance after a few sessions. Once your brain figures out the stimulation pattern, the treatment may not prove as effective. Therefore, your therapist will modify its settings and alter its intensity via an intensity dial.

The Benefits of IFC

Let’s take a look at the major reasons why you should opt for interferential current therapy:

·        It Reduces Pain

IFC can significantly reduce pain. It’s a less intrusive method of treatment and provides you relief from pain without consuming medicines. It’s a safe treatment method that doesn’t cause negative side-effects.

·        It Prevents Muscle Cramps

If you often experience muscle cramps, you can opt for interferential current therapy to get relief from the painful condition. IFC treatment technique is commonly used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and sports medicine specialists for the treatment purpose.

·        It Decreases Inflammation

After an injury, you may experience swelling and inflammation in the affected body part. IFC effectively controls inflammation and decreases swelling.

·        It Improves Blood Flow

If you get injured in an accident, blood flow around the injured body part may be affected. IFC improves blood flow so as to boost the healing process.

·        It Has Long-Lasting Effects

Interferential current therapy has quick and lasting effects. It targets the damaged tissues around the injured area and therefore, gives relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation.

IFC is a common treatment method to cure pain. A research study conducted in 2010 at the University of Alberta highlights that it can manage musculoskeletal pain. It can provide relief from chronic back pain, shoulder pain, and muscle spasms.

Another research article published by the School of Applied Health Sciences explains that interferential current therapy helps patients experiencing acute or chronic pain.

Interferential current therapy is a cost-effective treatment option. It controls pain and reduces inflammation or swelling. Physiotherapists, as well as chiropractors, use ICT technique to treat their patients.