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What Is Activator Method Adjusting?

Man suffering from backache

Sitting at your desk too long, taking part in extreme sports, a car accident… any of this can be the reason why you are feeling that pinching pain in your back and neck. For these types of problems, getting chiropractic treatment can be the best option.

The Activator Method is becoming a popular chiropractic treatment method as compared to the high-velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust technique. If you have been experiencing neck or back pain for a long time, then this method may be ideal for you. The device used in this treatment gives effective results with its low impact impulse force.

What is the Activator Met

hod and How Does It Work?

This chiropractic treatment involves using a hand-held instrument that, when pressed on the spine, sends mild impulses. It helps adjust the joints in a gentle manner than HVLA and therefore, is considered a better approach than the manual manipulation of the spinal column.

The hand-held instrument resembles a pogo-stick, which is shorter and delivers fast but controlled thrusts. The best feature of this instrument is that it delivers a single thrust in three milliseconds, which makes it 200x faster as compared to the manual method.

The instrument helps identify dysfunction in specific spinal joints, test the reflexes, finds problems by tracking the body mechanics and test for leg length differences. Since this is a painless and gentle treatment, it allows the patient to remain comfortable throughout the treatment.

Pressure is applied to the tissues, which are either right at the specific joint or near it. The only thing you will feel is a slight jump in your muscles, as if your reflexes are being tested.

Benefits of the Activator Method

Now that you know some of the basic benefits of this chiropractic treatment and how it is done, let’s have a look at some medical benefits it offers:

  • This method is used to treat a number of problems such as herniated discs, temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), inflammation, neurological conditions, etc
  • It is gentle on your spine
  • It delivers precise adjustment
  • It helps shift back the joint in a stable position
  • It retains the joints and ligaments to be more stable and stronger
  • It helps restore mobility and flexibility
  • It helps relieve lower and upper back pain
  • It is a healthy and safe form of treatment for pregnant women and patients of osteoporosis, arthritis and similar conditions
  • It allows you to perform everyday tasks easily and without any discomfort

So, there you go… enough reasons and benefits to convince you why you should go for chiropractic treatment. Pain in your joints might seem small and insignificant to you but over time, the muscles and tissues become inflamed, which increases discomfort. This is why you need to seek this treatment at the first sight of back pain.