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Doing sports and exercise is a great way to stay healthy, but being physically active raises the risk of musculoskeletal sports injury. Some of the causes of sport injuries are not stretching properly or not wearing the proper protective gear, traumatic injuries, or overuse and repetitive stress injuries. Your chiropractor can help in the recovery process to help you return to your normal physical routine.

In sports injuries such as joint sprains and disk injuries a chiropractor specializes in a not-drug treatment, which to some extent overlaps traditional medical care. Your chiropractor will preform an initial exam which includes standard orthopedic and neurological test to determine if the pain is caused by a sprain, strain or disk problem. They may also use an x-ray to check for any bone disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis or bone fractures. Some of the chiropractic treatment that may be used for sports injuries are ice and heat for swelling and inflammation, or electronic muscle stimulation and ultrasound if the injury is due to muscle spasms or muscle strain.

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