Chiropractic treatment might be the answer for neck pain you are having that isn’t subsiding. A sprain or compressed disk could easily be due to a fall at home or an injury while playing sports. Neck pain happens to people all the time and is caused by stressful situations, whiplash from car accidents or not sitting up properly.

Our neck supports the entire weight of our head which on average weighs about 12 pounds, has 7 small vertebrae and begins at the base of your skull. While your neck is very flexible and can move in almost any direction it is also very susceptible to injury.

Your chiropractor will preform certain tests to figure out what is causing your neck pain and ask questions about when and how the pain started. They will preform a physical examine to determine what movements cause you pain and where the pain is coming from, and then create a plan to help alleviate your neck pain.

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