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How Cervical Spine Alignment Can Affect You

The worst part about having a cervical spine misalignment is that it cannot be seen by untrained eyes. There are little to no symptoms of a cervical misalignment meaning it is often misdiagnosed, or even ignored altogether. unfortunately, a misalignment of this nature affects you on the inside by compressing the spinal cord making it difficult for it to send signals to your nerves. This can result in severe long-term consequences.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which a cervical spine alignment can affect you.

1.     It Changes Your Posture

Most people don’t notice it as the posture change is very slight. It may not affect function right away, but it affects the way your body supports itself which can lead to aesthetic changes as well as different long-term problems.

2.     It Creates Difficulty in Sleeping

The change in alignment is most commonly accompanied by neck pain. This makes it difficult for you to sleep straight-backed for a long time and results in side or stomach sleeping.

3.     It Builds Up Cerebral Spinal Fluid

This misalignment also creates cerebral spinal fluid in the space between the base of the skull and the beginning of the spine. The fluid puts pressure on your brain and affects the way it functions. Cases like these are extreme but require immediate treatment.

4.     It Gives You Muscle Ache

This type of misalignment is also known to cause nerve damage which, in turn, causes muscular pain. This pain generally increases over time. Should you experience this type of pain, treatment is highly recommended.

5.     It Gives You Stress

The changes taking place inside your brain due to this misalignment tend to be stress causing. Other psychological disorders, such as depression, can quickly follow suit if you don’t consult a physician or chiropractic expert for this purpose.

6.     It Affects Your Metabolism

Likewise, the internal changes in your brain can bring changes in your metabolism. This can cause disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, that is significantly disrupting to your daily life.


Let’s have a look at some of the methods through which you can deal with cervical spine misalignment.

1.     Chiropractic Care

This is one of the natural avenues to diagnosing and improving the alignment of your cervical spine.

2.     Prone Adjustment

This is a manual adjustment of the vertebrae in your spine. The key factor in this treatment is the adjustment of each vertebra of the spine and not the whole spine at the same time. It is done in different sessions and the results are evaluated after each session.

3.     Activator Method Adjusting

An Activator Method Adjustment tool is designed for a high speed adjustment of misaligned spinal cord. This type of adjustment lacks force and therefore it is not a painful procedure but quite effective.

4.     Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy helps in getting rid of the symptoms associated with the misalignment. It will often rid you of muscular and neck pain. This treatment can also be used to get rid of pain related to other orthopedic disorders.

Cervical spine alignment keeps your body in top condition and able to perform your daily functions flawlessly. At Proactive Chiropractic, we offer all of the above treatments for helping you get through the misalignment of your cervical spine area. Contact us and let us help relieve your pain.