At Proactive Chiropractic we approach chiropractic care as a team effort between the doctor and the patient.

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Chiropractic treatment might be the answer for the neck pain you are having that isn’t subsiding. A sprain or compressed disk could easily be due to a fall at home or an injury while playing sports. Neck pain happens to people all the time and is caused by stressful situations, whiplash from car accidents or not sitting up properly. Proactive Chiropractic are the experts in Santa Fe when it comes to chiropractic treatment for neck pain.

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There are numerous individuals who are hurt in auto accidents annually. Certain areas of the body are more prone to injuries in an auto accident, but any part of the body can be injured. Most people only suffer minor wounds, but some endure more grave injuries. Any one involved in an auto accident should be thoroughly examined by a chiropractor to determine the severity of the injuries due to the accident.

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Chiropractors are very helpful when it comes to back pain. They treat the condition causing back pain rather than just prescribe over the counter pain medications. A chiropractor can help a patient achieve relief from chronic back pain using safe spinal manipulation and adjustments while encouraging positive lifestyle changes to aid in the relief of back pain.


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